The REAL Reason Why Stephen Curry CHEWS On A Mouthpiece In The NBA

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What the heck is this? Stephen Curry is really prominent for his mouthguard. Yeah a mouthguard, DEFFFinitely not his shooting. But why does Stephen Curry chew on his mouthguard. Theres more to it than you think. What is up dudes, dudettes, ballers, players. Its ya boi MJ. Its occasion for another story that no oneasked for. Ive always wondered what the narrative behindCurry and his mouthguard was and so here it. But firstly, affected that like button for fasteruploads.We gotta come more likes on this video thanCurry has hit 3s so 2130 likes. If we smack that, new video out on Monday. I too gotta give a big thanks to SeatGeekfor sponsoring this video. SeatGeek is a ticketing app for boasts, concerts, and occasions. If are you gonna appreciate Steph Curry and all thisglory chewing honour, SeatGeek gives you a rating on the seat your getting, red beinga bad deal, dark-green being a great deal. You even examine the vistum your getting straightfrom the app so you can rest assured knowing youll see this face at night. So use my code ALLDAY for $20 off your firstpurchase and supporting them aids assist me so check out SeatGeek, nah seriously, linkin description. Now that I got the YouTuber outta me, letsget into it.Stephen Curry never wore a mouthguard whenhe frisked basketball in his younger times. In detail, speak wards werent really usedby basketball players. So Curry is a sophomore in college in 2007 and hes doing Curry like things, moving off ball. Jon Brick of the Citadel Bulldogs is tryingto rip through the screen. His elbow comes up and spurt, reaches Curry rightin the mouth. Unfortunately, I dont have footage of theactual affair, but Curry had to get 7 seams at halftime.Safe to say, Curry probably wanted to protecthis mouth after that. So he started wearing a mouthguard. Now we recognize them everywhere, I intend look evenLeBron James got one extremely. But Steph Curry is the most known for hismouthguard and the abuse he makes it through. So what happened with his mouthguard? Well Curry would keep it in his cheek butby his rookie year, there were new determined press of the NBA.Now there are serious eating disorders andIm happy that Curry didnt can be classified into that, but he picked up one dining garb andthat was his mouthguard. He would chew on it to keep himself mollify andto keep himself focused. It first started at the free throw line whenhe needed to calm his guts. Then it started happening on live dallies whenhe was traversing beings up. Each year, year after year, he deterred chewingon it more and more to the point that the mouthguard was literally hanging outside hismouth completely and that he was just gnawing on that thing. With his first MVP season, that wont gotput into the spotlight and the whole world found out, but that wasnt the only reasonthe mouthguard was going grinded on. Like any practice, Curry got used to the mouthguardso much so that there are actual numerals that support the mouthguard.Damn, Im about to argue that a mouthguardhelps a actor movement better. The nonsense I get to do. Well we know Curry is an amazing free throwshooter, but what if told you the secret to his above 90% free throw percentage some seasonsis his mouthguard. Yeah, his mouthguard. The Wall Street Journal did research studies on Currysmouthguard and it showed that Curry induced 92% of his free throws when ruminating on the mouthguardversus 89% when he preserved his mouthguard in place in his 2 mvp seasons. can we just talk about the fact that the WallStreet Journal actually did a study on Currys mouthguard, out of all things in plays, likethere are dedicated analysts for Currys mouthguard. Curry has even said that those amounts makesense because whenever his mouthguard are maintained in his cavity while shooting a charity throw, he actually feels odd. His mouthguard auction offs for $5000, justwow. A mouthguard. So theres that. Steph Curry exerts his mouthguard as stressrelief and is a cheat code for free throws. We receive other actors grinding on the mouthguardand they all got their own storeys behind it so Ive decided to make this channeldedicated to analyzing mouthguards, aite I cant stop a serious face saying that.So what do you think? Is Curry the best free throw shooter of alltime? Please check SeatGeek out, the more you supportthem, the more you subscribe me! I would also appreciate it yall subscribedif you like the contents and throw a like for Currys mouthguard. The instagram shout of the day goes to WendallWebster and the ALLDAY notification squad shout out goes to my son and roommate JazinHodge. Thanks for the ALLDAY support. Make sure to hit the bell for ALLDAY notificationsand if youre not a sub, reached that subscribe button to join the ALLDAY community for morefire content and ALLDAY support. Its ya boi MJ. We Out !.

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