Stanford’s Kiana Williams talks national championship, WNBA aspirations

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run your own race that’s what i’ve been telling a lot of kids beings have been asking me for opinion feed your own race don’t compare your journey to others whether it’s basketball referred athletics relevant or only live in general run your own scooting and stay on your own path wise terms from the national champ wagner alum kiana williams shared her supposes on triumphing the women’s final four last sunday night she remains humble but what you may not have noticed after the stanford missed that game-winning shot was kiana didn’t scoot to join her team right away to celebrate instead she took time to say a few texts to erin mcdonald after she missed the basket classy moved by kiana to her resist so what did she tell her only it hadn’t made me more i predict and we are only have great respect for one another we’ve been emulating against one another for the last two years and i am familiar with how heartbroken she felt because i’ve missed tournament triumphing shots but patently that was at a bigger bigger magnitude winning for earning it all so i just wanted to embrace her and congratulate her on resulting her team i told her she was inspiration to me she motivated me she’s a great contestant and i told her she has large-hearted things coming in the conference so i just want to share that moment with her for sure before i went to go celebrate with my unit just two days after earning the national championship williams announced she will be going pro the wnba draft that’s this thursday at 6 pm she is projected to be picked in the top 10 and will be watching to see where she’ll frolic her rookie season

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