Recovering from an Eating Disorder as an Athlete

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My appoint is Kamila Tan and I was apatient at the UCSD Eating Disorder Center. Before treatment, I was in a grad program at UCLA. I was playing beach volleyball and employing overaggressively. I was genuinely struggling epoch to daytime time to make it through the day.My imagination was expended with menu, calories, power production and vigor intakeand I couldn’t focus on relationships or anything important in my life. Thephysical symptoms that I was feeling when I stepped on special courts were scary.Every age I stepped on the court I was afraid that I was putting my torso indanger. I didn’t know if I was gonna make it through workouts. This was prettyclose to the time before I was hospitalized. Going into treatment wasthe best decision that I could have ever concluded for myself.It was the hardest thingthat I ever decided to do but also one of the very best environments that I foundmyself in because I eventually ascertained a group of people and an environment thatwas willing to support me in what I was going through. Treatment at UCSD with the athlete track was specifically helpful because I was given the opportunity tohave a track that gratified to my mindset of being an athlete and using thosestrengths in order to also assist in my eating disorder recovery. Working with ateam of beings that has knowledge in sportings is incredibly beneficial andsuper helpful to somebody who comes from an sporting background.I won’t sugarcoatit life is a lot easier after being ontreatment; nonetheless, I’m so much more well-equipped to handle all the stressors oflife all the up-and-down excitements after having been through treatment, learningall the skills and not focusing on merely my anorexia nervosa to cope. Sometimes Istill struggle with finding the balance between how much I can move how much Ishould rest and how much I should fuel. Nonetheless, after being at UCSD I think thatI have a much more balanced hypothesi of it and I canactually in good relations with my boast now. All the skills that I’velearned here have enabled me to value myself and gasoline myself properly both insport and in lifetime. I have a much more balanced lifestyle and most importantlyI can feel joy and merriment again to their fullest extent.It also means thatI feel sadness and rage, but the whole spectrum is there and I feel like I’mglad again. I was able to play for Platform 1440 which was Kerry Walsh’sdevelopmental program and semi-professional beach volleyball tour.That was a dream of mine that I had last summer that I was I able to do becauseof my eating disorder. And now that my eating disorder is out of the picture Iwas able to finally do it and achieve a goal. The opinion that I would give toathletes coming into the UCSD Eating Disorder Center I is contributing to you -just like you would go in a hundred percentage with your grooming – go in underthe percentage with their treatment and you are able to reap the benefits . .

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