NFL Week 15 Last-Minute Fantasy Football Advice – Rotoworld Live

NFL Week 15 Last-Minute Fantasy Football Advice - Rotoworld Live

The Rotoworld Football team, hosted by Josh Norris, help you with your last-minute fantasy lineup decisions just ahead of the Week 15 Sunday kickoff.

Basketball Returns on Superbowl Sunday

It was only a few days ago that these two met and the Kings went 0-20 in the 4th. Now Sacramento will try to match the Jazz?s defense, however they?ll have to do it without Ron Artest.

College Basketball Totals

Off the top of your head, give me a quick answer: When you think of Duke, would you classify the Blue Devils as a slow defensive-oriented team, or a wide-open, run-and-gun team? The answer is easy: They run. That’s not surprising, as the program is able to stockpile McDonald’s All Americans each season, bloating their depth, not to mention the fact that Coach K always has a brilliant ball handler or two capable of running the break. Sports bettors should notice that Duke started this season 15-8 over the total. Their wide-open running offense and capacity for nailing three-pointers is key factor in this correlation.

Pro-Style Basketball Goals: How to Select the Right System

Choosing the best basketball hoop is easy once all the facts are made plain. This brief article describes what to look for in a basketball system to meet the different needs of each individual.

Basketball and Jesus

Our church has an organized basketball program managed and coached by Doug White (not to be confused by our pastor who also has the same name). Recently, I asked Doug why he was so passionate about the sport of basketball, and what does basketball have to do with Christianity. I thought his philosophy may be helpful to others who desire to build a church sports program.

Basketball Secrets to Improve Your Game

This article discusses the two most important factors in all sports. Here you will find 10 goal setting tips to improve your game in the fastest time possible

NCAA Basketball Recruiting – 10 Tips to Help You Get a Scholarship!

Dream of getting a college basketball scholarship? There are many steps you can take to dramatically increase your chances of getting an athletic scholarship and realizing your dream of playing collegiate sports.

Free Basketball Picks – 3/21/06

Two of the League?s most up-and-down teams meet in New York. While both Toronto and the Knicks have spent most of the year in the gutter they both have shown signs of life, particularly New York with a wins versus the Detroit Pistons.

The Sweet Smell of Sixteen

16 teams remain in the NCAA Men’s Tourney and the excitement has already begun. Wichita State, Bradley, and George Mason are the surprise teams to everyone but themselves.

Free Basketball Picks – 3/30/06

The Thursday March 30, 2006 basketball picks are listed below.

Which Mac is Right for Me?

Now that you have decided that you are going to get a Mac, it’s time to figure out which Mac is the right one for you. There really isn’t a wrong choice here, it’s more a matter of getting the best use out of your money and not over or under-spending your hard earned cash.

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