[LEGEND EP. 15-1]MASTER IN HOUSE VS Vietnamese Football Player2 (ENG sub)

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( I’m the aceof Team Master in the House .)( Seung Gi. I’ll crisscros this boy .)( Seung Gi’s magical free kick)( Shoot lightly ,)( and drop it at the end .)( Seung Gi’s omniscient wizard)( Seung Gi. Take care of itwith one shot .)( What’s the outcomes of …)( Seung Gi’s shoot ?)( That was close .)( Seong Jae’s still striving .)( We is dependent upon you, Seung Gi .) That was close. I got it. I got it.( Making likelihoods isthe fate of the ace .)( Try again next time .)( After that, Seung Gi keeps …) Seung Gi.Seung Gi.( Why is the ball over there ?)( His paw is one stair behind .) You got it.( Let your left foot know …) Here.( what your right foot has done .)( Give me back my leg .)( 3 minutes beforethe end of the 1st half .) – Se Hyeong.- We got it.( Team Master in the House iswithering ,)( whereas FC Saessac is growing .)( Splendid foot talents) We are one .( And then there obsessedabout the lump .) Go. Go up, Se Hyeong. – Okay.- Great.( The two of them defendthe dance so tightly .) Go! Go! That’s it.( The minute you receive the projectile, you’re surrounded by 5 players .) What?( Tiki-taka in Vietnam) Pass. Pass. Pass.( He tries to pretend to bea player of FC Saessac .)( They don’t even care about him .)( What are you doing ?) Seong Jae, you have to run. Block it.( No .) Nice.( Se Hyeong clears it .)( But they soon face another crisis .)( Sang Yun, the chieftain, is determined to stop the ball .)( No !)( At that moment ,)( one boy throws himself .) Great job .( Well done, Se Hyeong .) Nice. Se Hyeong is amazing. Se Hyeong is amazing.( Se Hyeong saved the team .) I don’t give up.( The 1st half endswith the score of 0 to 2.) – Gather up. Captain.- Yes. Have a seat first. Have a accommodate.( At halftime, they gather upto discuss the strategy .) – We…- Yes. Have a bench. We are …( Will Hang Seo magically turnthings around ?) I don’t think we canfight against nine beings.( Currently, it’s 5 of themagainst 9 young boys .)( There are way too many peopleon the opposite team .) Right. Let’s accompanying Coach Bae Myeong Ho … to our squad. Excellent. Excellent. All well and good. – It should be 6 to 8. – 6 to 8. – We are too small, aren’t we? – We are. We are too small in number. Captain, get some water, and obligate them cause usone more player. Okay. They are taught football actors. I just wanted to score a objective. Yes, Seung Gi.Please tally at least one point. It’s too badyou missed that one. I intentionally missed that oneto create drama. I was afraidI would harass the sons .( I didn’t want to harass them .)( He still has the confidenceof Cristiano Ronaldo .)( Meanwhile, Sang Yun goes tonegotiate the terms .) Are you already frayed off?( Why is he here ?)( He organizes a negotiation agenda .) If you triumph like this, it will be too obvious thatyou beat us by outnumbering us. So our digits have tomatch more or less. Only then the viewers of Koreawill think they are good. Why don’t you open usone more player?( That direction, it will be6 against the 8.)( Is trade negotiations going now ?)( What would the sons say ?) Right. – Okay.- Okay?( They reached an agreement .) Who’s the chieftain? Captain? Deal.( He gets the confirmation fromthe officer, who has the final word .) Okay. That’s it. Let’s go. Let’s go beforethey deepen their thought. I practically fell asleep while guiding. I supplanted. – What? – Nice. Nice. We’re good now. – They are good though.- They are too good. If you don’t help our team, it will mean thatwe’ve made a wrong pick .( He’s very pressured .) That’s what it will symbolize.( Coach Bae Myeong Ho has ledmany immense soccer teams .)( He’s currently the physical coachof Vietnam’s national football squad .) What’s the score now? – 2 on 0. – 2 on 0. The master failed toblock two points then.( With the captain’s facilitate ,)( the ruler lost two purposes .) He could’ve stoppedthe second aim.( Are you betraying me too ?) But … it’s not the master’s faulting. It’s everyone’s fault.( What does that constitute me ?) – It’s everyone’s fault.- I agree.( It’s always about “we” , not “I” .) You are right .( Thank you, Se Hyeong .) Se Hyeong ultimately went congratulated. The employer … Wait.( He tells the judge to wait .) – Who tells the judge to wait? – I am too tired. – Let’s go.- We will dine some noodles first. We will ingest some instantaneous noodlesbefore “were starting to”. We can do this. – Let’s go there.- We can do it. Let’s make it a necktie first. – Okay.- Come on. – We are one.- We are one. – Go, squad! – Go, team!( They got one more participate ,)( and they have rechargedtheir energy .)( The occult of Hang Seo …)( will launch in the second half .) – Go, squad! – Go, squad! Go, Seong Jae. Hurry. Come on. Come on. Pass. Pass. Attack. That’s it. Go further, Sang Yun. – Okay.- Make a formation. – Okay.- Let’s do it. – Go, team.- Go, crew. Go. Attack. Attack. It’s started. It’s started.( Nice pass)( It’s a strong shot !)( But Seung Gi Ronaldo’s lump goesnowhere near the goalpost .) Come on, Seung Gi!( It’s too bad .)( But the team is startingto come together .) They are the first team .( Ever since the tutor affiliated ,)( they are attackingmore frequently .) – Pass.- Pass. Get in to the box.( He deepens the directionand legislates .) – That’s it.- Nice.( Did Seong Jae …)( eventually got something ?) – That’s it.- Nice.( Will he valued ?) No route! – Nice.- No road! – Nice.- Good chore. – Nice.- Okay.( He didn’t value a destination, but he improved a good deal .)( FC Saessac’s side is mobbed .)( But Team Master in the House’s sideis empty .)( Ever since the tutor joined, Se Hyeong became very free .)( I hope I am this towering .) No. Se Hyeong!( He’s very flustered .) No.( While Se Hyeong is amused, FC Saessac hijacks the probability .) Hey.( He hurries to the goalpost .)( Don’t get disconcerted !) Here .( Captain Sang Yun saves Se Hyeong .) Se Hyeong, you go out.I will be the goalkeeper.( He makes overSe Hyeong’s posture .) Go.( He transmits Se Hyeong, who’s beensaving up the vigor, to the field .) We don’t have much season. Attack in full force. Okay. Let’s do this. – Let’s go.- Attack.( Let’s run with all our might …) Attack in full force.( and score precisely one destination .) Go further, Seung Gi. Go a little further to the realization of the rights, Seung Gi. There’s no need to defend. That’s it.( Seung Gi, the ace, is the busiest .) That’s it.( Seung Gi Ronaldo shootsthe pellet with his right foot .)( But the goalkeeper blocks it .) – That was good.- He’s good.( The goalkeeper of FC Saessac …) Slowly. Okay.( menaces Se Hyeong .) The goalkeeper has been changed. He’s the best one. The best goalkeeper is out. – Head it.- Head it.( That hurts .)( The Vietnamese son hitSe Hyeong’s brain with the lump .)( Poor Se Hyeong .)( The goalkeeper isas good as an MVP .)( But the goalkeeperof Team Master in the House is …)( lying down on the anchor ?) Foul .( Thankfully, it’s a foul .) Why did you do that, Master? Go back. Attack.( He’s very embarrassed .)( He gets the chance to attack .)( Did the goalkeeper …)( miss the dance ?)( And Seung Gi clutches …)( the possibilities of .)( I missed it .)( This last chance might bethe last hope …)( for Team Master in the House .)( I, Seung Gi Ronaldo, is determined to score a destination .) Hey! Seung Gi!( It was 30 secondsbefore the end of the game .)( No !)( Seung Gi shootsthe ball to the sky .)( It flies through Hanoi’s sky …)( and penetrates the feeling .)( Frivolous 1 has been launched .) Seung Gi!( The game endswith the score of 0 to 2. ).

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