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[ Music] um i like it here it’s a nice metropolitan um before i was in dresden also on the eastern side so i mean i know this side of germany is a little bit different than other portions but i like it now effort is a really nice city so everything’s been good still further i want quarantine was tough but i’m the type of person that i don’t really i don’t do a good deal anyways so i mean going to practice and coming home and relaxing has been no large-scale you know adjustment for me um i would have liked the background maybe a few more things in the city but for me basketball is enough so it’s been it’s been pretty good uh it’s really difficult um because basketball players we like to be in a pattern the more we toy the more the very best we feel on the court um mentally physically so we have to keep stopping and then quick preparation for a game it’s tough to be in a pattern and sometimes that pictures in video games like either we will be good in the first half and then maybe we’ll be tired maybe because we don’t we had to stop and not have enough training to prepare for the game or we just start off sluggish because we don’t have that tempo from preparation before the game so it’s really difficult but i mean we’re trying to fight through it and i think we’ve we’ve tried to get it on the best of our capabilities i represent i think i aim coach-and-four ubis has done as best as he could i think with given the circumstances a great deal of our hurts i think for sure might have came from you know lack of grooming because of quarantine and not having to be able to only civilize as much as we could ordinarily a lot of the harms are i think are not we have one serious injury but most gashes have been like you know small injuries that happen because your body’s not prepared maybe because of fatigue or merely you are well aware not is in accordance with the determine that you would normally be in but uh i think we finally we toy a good deal of competitions back to back of course everybody knows but i think everybody’s on a different situation grade everybody’s different state statu everybody has their own thing but here i am thinking as a unit we’re trying to still been working together and get through it um i necessitate i think all the young actors have developed a lot since i got here in september uh but personally i just try to give them all the knowledge that i have i’m still learning i’m only 27 so i still have a lot of you know basketball things to learn but everything i’ve learned along the road i try to pass on to them and the majority of cases they listen uh i think this has helped them everything i i knew i just try to pass it along to them specially like fidelius miles defraud the guards because we play the same position and i think it’s helped them a lot and i think they’ve all progressed a lot this season i think the most difficult part has just been every time i see like one of my teammates get injured because i know we all want to play every day and we’ve had so many harms this season so every time i see one of my teammates something bad happens or they get injured or they can’t play or rehearsal it’s just like someone’s just like getting hit in the stomach you know like it’s just you want the best for everybody so that’s probably been the most difficult uh the acquires and losings in the game like you want this of course but you simply miss very good for every person as a as a person you know so seeing individual get injured is just not a good feeling for me it’s not a good feeling for the team for them so uh but i think the positive has been everybody i think everybody this season has had something bad happen injury or sickness something like this so i think the whole team and association has just patronized each individual every time something bad has happened and i think that’s like something very positive because it’s easy to just go down you know when bad things obstruct happening but as a guild i think everybody’s just supporting each teammate tutor organization every time something bad happens so this is the biggest positive uh i necessitate i was actually really surprised when i came here at how coordinated the whole club is from top to bottom um everybody’s super professional and i think it’s easy when everything is already set for you and all you have to do is worry about basketball so for me that’s really like a positive when i came here like all you have to do is worry about basketball everything else is already taken care of and i think as a basketball musician that’s all you can ask for because you don’t have to worry about anything off “peoples courts” all you have to worry about is focusing on the trainings that you have each day and i think that allows you to mentally be prepared to get better each and every day yeah i think i mean anything’s possible um for me personally i just want to continue my basketball vocation whatever the best situation is for me that my family talks about my operator the organizations i convey i’m all open for anything i’ve enjoyed my experience here still further i like all the players the staff the love have been great they reinforce me i’ve always really felt you are well aware merely friendliness from them so i entail anything’s possible um whatever’s the best situation is where i’ll be next season i just want to continue playing uh i mean you know the states is different from here the way that they are handling everything so a good deal of mainly everything is open already there are also some moods where you don’t even have to wear concealments so like i necessitate i’m sure everything will be open but even during the summer i don’t i do like i be staying with friends you are well aware but i’m typically merely basketball most of the time i work out play basketball my friends hang out with my family i just had a my sister really had a baby this past week so i have a new niece that i get to meet when i get home so i think other than a professional basketball player i’m like a professional uncle now too because i have three nieces and one nephew now so i’m the cool uncle that gets to only be around during the summer time when it’s warm and make them out and play video games and do merriment things with them so a lot of home age the summer months you

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