Freestyle 2 Street Basketball #2 Gameplay♦ German ♦

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I gotta exchange some ally ally I wouldn’t be partner eventual now vegetation freestyles my indicate I was watching you gotta move embattled a que les net so can’t be blow by few moves change ok ok Oh[ __] it’s all not so nicely controller consuming PESA according to the penis make Sean I’m of the shattering amusing ah it’s roughly boozy finish berthed previously 00 t go to me loopy goin dude pride hey Anna everybody back I cherish I get me going by only one like running out yep yeah yeah did participate yes it’s sharp or a big show lose money or skate loose represa clutter answered in Italian of my pavilion come to carpetbagging rise get an oyster lead go buddy Ziggy my first I don’t get it on Tasha tati singing on the show that some ppl contesting some are you ready off you pop I go into the kalubi get shrooms about to do sorry nice to avoid risky you can exactly get ahead who’s a man you can get ready more ribald pass the ball too that road come on unger pass the lump oh I’m na seconds left so I’ll tell you coin by love you know what song 00 bassett select not mine Eggman in bognor get ready okay XX get ready that’s it gateway past me come on winger basketball categories travel walk extended past me lose the love bro delightful pass three-point shot clock down to 10 yes woohoo are you ready fairly I’m a cross on so I got both create a messy house the work a number ID get ready miss nice pass oh nice block spurned come that out of here now okay good been wonderful d I see you I see you come on man is this the other one good undertaking you get ready for ya casi footbridge don’t stroll come on winger back on pellet got someone off on dresser oh yes delightful shot box down to 10 delightful pass three-point basket how about it online[ __] oops get ready nice a basket or your pass the lump nine is about a while punk ecclesia get ready nice pass Oh Jane wicker basket ball that’s it won’t linger pass the chunk hey Jay many of you yes ready with the world is going possible pass me that’s it come on home overtaking fortunate cool neat pass come on boy girl caress now Phoebe’s in the pate ready they try sleeping on your three-point basket so else gives people isn’t even anything a month last-minute back on time prob oh oh oh you just lost the bug you lose let’s pick up our phones Levites piping in here it’s okay good responsibility okay I sabado a rein Greg the TV de an component the sauna oops the other Carter that’s our Sean haha let’s get a tight shot okay my head off my tournament speech lecture discussion speech Mickey Mouse one good occupation for a big show let’s get this party started I never fish soup Mickey Mouse one every guy’s assassin the constitutional i recommend when pulped upon us okay because of those you know just when a concise elephant akola skits good place get ready females environment i didn’t patronize i ah da Tings everybody oh yes i must fairly foolish every portable your pest of all we talked at graveyard up the mac mini mile you buddy immense button from the winter Jack lady you yo sugar listen[ __] danke the kindest to see mouse my natures from Papa goofy sorry music is one thing all my boat cool success yeah some are and give me my gosh astonishing tournament he got so secured I need some power over the wall for him loose a artillery ski jaunt okay yeah watch this video i buy shopping center photographer I’m a bit silly smile ciao

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