Fairfield 75 Basketball Cards +1 Pack Unboxing

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hello everyone therefore welcomed on casket with Alex training today we are going to unbox Baer flunked semi pad basketball cards plus one packed jumbo chest today we are going to break open the box and to see what type of NBA trading placards are inside so one in four contain a make and now we get this feature of the box and let’s check a look upon what the back chest back side of the box says this parcel is guaranteed to contain 75 basketball carts and one humanity Packard closed battalion one in four cartons on average include a smash a hit may include a game utilized poster occasion use card produced autograph or relic placards the make in this package have been purchased immediately from car manufacturers or purchase from the secondary market and repackage for retail sales by the Fairfield company so you can follow them on Facebook or Twitter here’s the UPC code and before we unbox this thing I want to say that I got this product from Target for only$ 5 4.99 from Target and was finally unbox this thing so formerly we unbox this thing let’s see what kind of cars do we get for under five dollars so 75 cards plus one pack let’s go through them promptly here we get a Steve Nash and if you haven’t known yeah um now I’m a huge Laker fan so they going to see my special accumulation here so let’s do that so formations Devon Harris Mike Marty comp common Otis Smith Kim Aaron Nelson Tony Parker PJ Brown I went to Hawks squad photo Qwest Chris Weber the Brian Smith Raphael Edison Harold miner George Hill Aaron McKie trying to settled them into a nifty heap because I don’t want to create a mess for you guys to see all over my table and Corey Williams Robert Horry Ralph Sampson Brook Lopez Tyler Hansbrough I entail Ben Hansbrough has a brother that playing in a lake mentioned Tyler Hansbrough Andrew Bogut Latrell Sprewell die-cut David was Shane Larkin and here’s our punches Brandon Roy winning amounts jersey list seven Brandon Roy from the Portland Trailblazers going to give you a a closer look at this Jersey King applied jersey and here’s the backside winning cloth from upper floor so I think we smacked the one in four odds of getting a game use Jersey or autograph so we did it and here let’s go through the rest of these posters Bobby Hansen Craig Ehlo Oh mark Oler NBA hoops Taj Gibson Wayne cooper Roy ensign Keith Askins Sean Stockton and Chris Webber another search devotee is time from the Sacramento Kings I was so let’s finally unpack or 15 -year media trading cards NBA hoops I’m guessing “its from” the 1990 s so when we have here is poo Richardson Larry Bird I hope I get passed Johnson cliff Robinson Jack Sikma silk ma Sigma Moses Malone Jerry Reynolds dig Moda Bill Laimbeer and charge go-cart Trent Tucker Kerry garrison another Larry Bird Mookie um wait Blaylock Jeff Martin and Rick elderman so no Mackey runs in this pack so Devon Brown Clyde Drexler Kenny Walker Scott Rubel Craig Oden Rex Chapman all-star Allah joining Drexler Terry Porter Ray Allen Josh McRoberts Larry Drew a new confinement night dan Morelle Ron Anderson another run and her ability require to auto back to back rod Anderson’s Alex English Vinnie Johnson ed Chiklis Tom Chambers Carlos Rogers nutter checklist so let’s go through the remainder checklist as said el threat from the ceiling of Anthony Mason and Jason Richardson a Jason Kidd Latrell Sprewell Adams Jerry Stackhouse in da NBA hoops of Leandro Barbosa D Brown ooh a Jordan Farmar onetime Laker this is pretty thick posters like a credit cards and Jordan Farmar from crowns crests chrome deafen children Palomar and we have Troy Murphy another Alex English from the Dallas Mavericks Gary tseng chien literal light-green John Stockton a mark Randall and Billy Owens so that’s about it 75 trading posters plus one parcel and we get a stumbled Brandon Roy gain used jersey and that’s about it if you like this video please give this video a huge thumbs up comment in a comment section below on what you think about this commodity satisfy share this video with a friend and subscribe to my youtube path and thank you for watching on carton with Alex trend and I’ll see you on the next video

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