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PURE MAGIC #2 | HAKRO Merlins Basketball Dokumentation

We started this season extraordinary. We all expected something bad to happen, because it always does. Sure we said at some point we would have to lose otherwise it would…

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Inside Anfield: Liverpool 2-0 Manchester United | Incredible scenes after Salah’s late strike

Next to the Super Cup or the European Champions League … APPLAUSE Hello. Okay, is everything okay? Happy New Year. Okay? It was nice to see you. Aha, just shake…

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Chris Jackson – 1993 NBA Slam Dunk Contest

the next competitor now is going to be Chris Jackson who's never ducked in the pros but did dunk a couple of times down at LSU how about this has…

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Muon g-2 experiment finds strong evidence for new physics

>> For centuries, people have watched tops wobble as they spin on tables, but recently, scientists have had their eyes on the wobble of fundamental particles called muons. Scientists have…

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Tony Parker Spurs San Antonio to a 3-0 Lead Over Portland

there's Parker with the jumper he's able to hit 20 Parker 38 points already here in the open in three minutes and reverse layup by Tony shot to get in…

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Three UCLA Basketball Players Arrested In China, Accused Of Shoplifting

listen of those three players on the UCLA men's basketball team are out on bail after they were arrested in China they're accused of stealing from a Louis Vuitton store…

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Root 2 – Numberphile

The number I want to say now is The number I want to say now is Radix 2 Why do I like Radix 2? Well, if you take A series…

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Stacey Augmon – 1992 NBA Slam Dunk Contest

the young rookie with the Atlanta Hawks one of the best rookie to the NBA Magic Johnson I put it by a tennis shoes here oh yeah come around got…

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Eric “The Actor” Basketball Appearance Dilemma 0.0 – PT. 1

Eric will be yelling Oh Eric the [ __ ] has a problem with you and in fact our lead story today Howard 100 news to the rescue Eric the…

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How To STOP Being NERVOUS In Games FOREVER: Be Confident In Basketball

are you sick of always being nervous in basketball games and not being confident coach Duffy means your get handled today I got five secrets that I'll help you take…

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