‘Anthony Davis has been having nightmares about Deandre Ayton’ – Kendrick Perkins | SportsCenter

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eliciting nba postseason continues tonight with a gem in the desert as the phoenix sunbathes try to take a 2-0 leading over the defending advocate los angeles lakers so let’s get you set for play two by looking back first at play one the sun’s made a statement in their 99 -9 0 acquire devin booker contributed the style with 34 phases the most ever by a son’s player in his profession playoff debut this is uncharted subject for lebron james who has never faced a 2-0 insufficiency in the first round of the playoffs in his part busines squads that start a seven game series down two love have won the series merely seven percent of the time and anthony davis he’s gonna need to be a big part of the game if the lakers want to acquire he was not a big party was not good in activity one five members of 16 from the field scoring only 13 stages tied for his fewest ever in a postseason game so something’s got to change if the lakers just wanted to even this thing up that’s why we’ve got this covered from all tilts nba reporter dave mcmenamin is here along with analyst and nba endorse kendrick perkins guys thank you for having being here dave we are going to start with you because we we “ve seen how” much anthony davis fought in game one what are you hearing about his approach and his overall mindset leader into play two as we recollect he took a lot of the denounce after what happened in game one yeah she said it’s all on him and the line they won’t be able to acquire a game let alone the serial unless he starts to play better and the good thing that anthony has going for him is in in the past last year’s playoffs when he made himself out there that course after he had plays where he shot less than 50 from the field he responded with three conducts where he averaged 31.7 phases per competition on 57 shooting so certainly you know maybe he’s one of those people where he doesn’t establish his best until his backs against the wall the lakers certainly will have their backs against the wall if they go down 0-2 and so a lot of motivation for him going to get tonight and then they need it because if deandre ayton outplays anthony davis while devin booker also outplays lebron james the lakers are in trouble utterly and people like chris paul and monty williams is a well-known fact that hey they got to be prepared for the best possible a.d and then react after that we shall visualize let’s keep it going now matt all right sage we’re going to go from the player’s perspective welcoming in nba analyst kendrick perkins and kendrick a.d shot two for eight with deandre ayton as his primary guard in game one a lot of people recall suns didn’t have an opportunity in this series because of their big men represent so how much approval do you throw ayton for davis’s execution on sunday well matt you got to give him first of all i’m not a hater you got to give him all the credit in the world anthony davis has been having hallucinations about deandre hayden as he should right he handled him he devoted him the work on both ends of the floor not just defensively but he was put forward 25 and i think has 11 on the offensive outcome he frisked an excellent tournament and this is why let me tell you one of the reasons why a week before that before the regular season ended they frisked the the los angeles lakers and the sunbathes accorded up and the anthony davis had 42 moments you don’t think deandre again was hearing about that you don’t think that his coach-and-fours was on him about that you don’t think he heard that through social media through people like myself and he manned the held up and he patrolled anthony davis now it’s on a.d to respond so what i’m gonna tell deandre ayton is he better buckle his shoes up and fasten his boots up really really tight because a.d is gonna come out vigorous he’s gonna come out penalize and he’s gonna come out looking like a generational talent that we all have come acquainted to seeing it could be a great matchup tonight because a.d has looked like the number 1 overall collect for quite some time deandre ayton hadn’t fairly got there but this could be a good opportunity in this playoff series to show the worthiness of that top overall collect

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