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[ music play-acts] “Kotse ba? Philkotse na! ” By now, maybe you’re familiar with the brand Chery which was re-introduced on Philippine beaches last 2019. And of course, their programme in the Philippinesis’ getting more car for less .’ It means that examples offer more facets at a more inexpensive expenditure. And “the worlds largest” affordable simulation in its lineupis the Chery Tiggo 2 that was reviewed by our person Reph last year. Not Renz, okay? He is Reph. Fast forward to today … the follow-up for the Chery Tiggo 2 has now arrived … the Chery Tiggo 2 Pro. It is all-new … the face searches stupefying. Wait a minute … my back hurts. Don’t you parties have tripods?[ bleep] You’re making my job more difficult. Speaking of brand-new, you should visit Philkotse.combecause we have’ Best Deals For Every Juan’ It includes trade-in promos, Flash Deals for everyone, and of course … a race game where you can win cash. So what are you waiting for him? Go to Philkotse.com now.Upfront, the update is significant. The figurehead grille looks like the Chery Tiggo 7 Pro. In fact, it looks like a baby Chey Tiggo 7 Pro. What’s more is the brand-new daytime ranging light-coloreds that are finished in LED. It comes with project halogens, while the signal lights are sat now. The illuminate setup stirs the car look more modern. It looks like new modelings in today’s time. And this is my favorite piece … precisely a second …[ entrance opens][ entrance thuds] the Intelligent Remote Key.[ Stanley shrieks] Nice, isn’t it? Under the punk, it has a 1.5 -liter naturally-aspiratedgasoline engine. It is the same as the previous example but it is a bit more powerful with 108 hp and 140 Nm of torque. However, the biggest update is found in the dissemination. The mannequin now offers a CVT, which replaces the 4-speed automated of the non-Pro. Wait … that is just like a driver’s license.Anyway, this, of course, translates to good fuel economy. In the city, we got 10.6 km/ liter while driving in light and heavy trafficwith negligible consignment. As for route driving, while driving at an average speed of 90 km/ h, we were able to get 20.4 km/ liter. For a crossover? That’s already affecting. It is fitted with 16 -inch aluminum alloy rotates The rotate is two-tone finished. For its cost degree, this is a valuable feature.Ventilated disc brakes are installed up front, and solid discs at the rear. Moving to the sides, the all-new Chery Tiggo 2 Pro doesn’t get a lot of changes from the Chery Tiggo 2. It’s a typical crossoverwith torso claddings and chrome edgings. The line-up mirrors are integrated with turn signals. And of course, don’t forget, it comes with roof railsso if you want to install a ceiling rack, you can do so. At the rear, the Chery Tiggo 2 Pro is still same to the outgoing Chery Tiggo 2. The glistening chrome snip here is only changed to black and is connected to the C-shaped LED taillights. And this? Hmm. This is part of the design only.The functional rear deplete is in here. Overall, it has a simple appeal but I like it. As for the trunk …[ Stanley slams] Did you think it’s a power tailgate? No, it comes with a manual run merely. We simply have an anti-kidnap button located here. Ohh frontman, I didn’t see you there.But at the rear, inside the trunk, “youve had” 420 liters of cavity. If you remove the tonneau cover and fold the second-row fannies, it will be more spacious. Looking for a automobile, percentages, and supplementaries? Well, we furnish those with our Flash Deals. You will surely save some cashas here on Philkotse … there are’ Best Deals For Every Juan .’ Just go to Philkotse.com. Inside the Chery Tiggo 2 Pro, it offers a driver-oriented dashboardas all buttons are faced to the driver.A lot of plastics are found in the room. But, it comes with a handful of qualities as well. Like this one … which looks like leather. This looks like carbon fiber. And this … which radiates a wood-like finish. And apart from those textures, we have piano black shaves now. Be careful as this can be scratched readily. But it’s pleasing to the eyes. Now, we move to the steering wheel.This is not plastic … but leather. Chunky … thick-witted … feels good to the touch. What’s impressive is the cruise control. For the price of this sit, that should be a good deal. We have analog instrument clusterswith a digital excursion meter in between that has a white-on-black themewith a few cases red and orange accents. We get a 9-inch infotainment systemwith Apple CarPlay and for android customers … it offers a QD Link for your smartphones. The infotainment arrangement is very responsive … recognize? Cool, right? We move to our segment announced, “Nasa’n ang smartphonemo? “( Where is your smartphone ?) Ohh my bad. This is my call. You can make this here. And it is close to the USB port located here. You can easily charge your phone. We have an accessory socket over here next to the USB port. Our shifter is here with a traditional handbrake. There are cupholders hereand we got additional seats here. Here as well. The A/ C system is impressive and cold at night. It offers bowl owners here and there.As for the seats, it is equipped with skin with fabric fannies so these shouldn’t be hot if yousit in one of the seats. Well, it’s part fabric. We get a manual adjuster that comes with a stature adjuster as well so you can easily find your driving caste. At the back , no backside A/ C vents, centre armrest, and cup holders are concluded. But the neat thing about sitting here is thatyour elbow can rest on this soft leather. Likewise, the legroom is adequate for my meridian a 5′ 6. It is not too roomy, and not too tight. Meanwhile, the headroom is high. Again, my meridian is 5′ 6. The headroom is satisfactory. And the advantage here is that if you sit in the middle, you won’t be elevated … identify? It is more comfy if say you’re sitting with two parties here consisting of teenagers that are a bit thin or a short person…They won’t feel cramped sitting in the middle. When it comes to safety and security, it gets front dual airbags, ISOFIX child seat halters, 3-point seatbelts for all five fares, fear with immobilizer, rear parking sensors, and a rear camera with dynamic recommendations. From a impasse, this vehicle is responsive. It pulls well. As for the communication, it is not jerky thanks to the use of a CVT. But because it implements a CVT, we get what is known as the rubber band effect or droning.That said, made to ensure that if you will outstrip, the maneuver is planned and don’t pause. It’s like romance someone, make sure you’re ready. Give the very best. As for the touch, the steering wheel is heavybut feels light-footed because it is assisted. The good thing about a ponderous steering wheel is thatthe feedback is delighting and you can control the car easier. Also, you can easily drive this through many roadsdue to its subcompact width. On the roadway, it is continuous and not wobbly. Suspension-wise, it is a bit stiff. But since it is stiff, you won’t event hard-handed form reels. However, despite being rigid, you won’t feel impacts inside. It’s like a normal sedan or hatchback. The NVH insulation is okaybut can be improved because you can hear the engine whenever the CVT is droning. After driving the Chery Tiggo 2 Pro for a week, we only have one impression … it doesn’t regard its price.It is loaded with aspects at an economical premium. Ohh, and here’s the price …[ Stanley grunts] In addition, it is offered with a 10 -year engine warranty, 5-year bumper-to-bumper warranty, and our favorite … 3-year free PMS. If you are searching for a crossover or SUVbut the budget is tight, you have to consider this Chery Tiggo 2 Pro. I’m your legion, Stanley Chi, your “Senpai ng Turbuhan.” Until we see each other in the next video, bye-bye. Thanks for watching. For the latest story, remembers, and anything you want to knowabout autoes and car owned, see Philkotse.com. Follow us on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Spotifyso you won’t miss our most recent update. Remember … “Kotse ba? Philkotse na! “.

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