2016 NBA Finals Game 1 Mini-Movie

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Last-place YEAR The championship returned to the bayfor the first time in 40 years. I didn’t like last year, contacting the finals, and Kev not being around forthe rest of the season and Ky dealing with harms from the first round. It was another feeling, having the team in total condition. I appreciate this moment, being there once more. The Cavaliers and Warriorsmeet again in the NBA Finals, both would be interested to make record. It is always good to come back here, but there is a lot of work to be done, and we hope to achieve it.Game one, NBA Finals.It’s what it’s all about, husband. Ceveland has waited more than 50 yearsfor a professional title. as the Warriors attempt torepeat the championship, the perfect close totheir 73 makes this season. Let’s not lose our posture, let’splay as a squad, we’ ll fix mistakes, that’s part of the game, but make sure you play as a unit. We will begin with a championship effortfrom the beginning, we will not wait two or threegames to enter this serial, we will start from the top. We will enjoy every moment, the environment, every second, every minute, every gambling, everypossession, to enjoy, okay? Let’s go chaps! One two Three! – good evening, ladies and gentlemen. Welcome to the Oracle Arena. Tonight begins the firstin a series of seven epic recreations. pass on the left side to Curry. Working at Thompson … Curry awkward, Curry at three. God! That is all it takes. Iguodala covering LeBron James. James turns, that turn builds it examine so easy. -That was nice! -They’re 6′ 8 “, 270 doing that too. Barbosa from behind his backon the right side. The biggest advantage of the first half.A hugegame from his replaces. We’re eight down. Okay, let’s go. I don’t know Get inhibited, okay? We’re going to destroy your defense.We’ll get out of the slump. Here comes Kyrie Irving. He’s going around.Iguodala stole it again. Three on two. Klay Thompsonrunning past it … Iguodala may havethe best defense in the game. Man, that goals … the first half. 52 – 432 nd half Golden State is upby nine phases. We’re in good shape. They have to keep playing hard, theyhave to be more physical. Do you understand what? Kyrie Irving takes it, contact. Count, and one! Kyrie Irving … for the three points. Warriors, 56. Cavaliers, 49. The road to be up, to stay there. They’ll discard a few slopes. Okay. Keep going. Keep attacking. Kevin Love, speed up the shot.Whoa! He catches the pellet and pockets it. 63 – 643 e r experience 3:53 And Cleveland are aheadfor the first time from the beginning. Okay, okay. Hey! We are in a great place, okay? One control at a time. Here “theres going”. Livingston in the middle distance. 39 equivalent points to fivefor the Cavaliers. Livingston throwsfrom the free throw line. Well! The roof ready to falloff this situate. Keep pushing.Every possession, okay? Finish it strong now. James goes with Thompson, left-handed. Failure. Touched and stolen by Iguodala. Curry to Iguodala. Wow, what a beautiful pass! Curry to an Andre who runsto dump her. Lowest game of the seasonFor Thompson and Curry mixed. Still they prevail by 15 points. The last three, two, one. 104 to 89. The Warriors takethe first sport. Courtesy of your bank. Our defense was correctAND you took care of the pellet. And if you do that, we ever have opportunities to win. We did a greatteamwork tonight. It could happen to anyoneon any nighttime. PRESS ROOM Our job is to be ready.Shaun Livingstongave them a huge inspire, But when you come inHe orchestrated 45 -1 0 and on the bench, Now it’s going to be tough to prevail, Especially outside. ORACLEUNITY Represents STRENGTH Everyone made progress. You don’t win championshipswithout the entire unit, so … proud of every movement NBA FINALS.

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