1967 NBA Playoffs Part 1

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playoffs began the Chicago Bulls the team that surprised everyone by finishing fourth in the West detect the st. Louis Hawks just too much expansive fastens by Bill connects can be inhibiting coconut looky like blue Hudson they too can be aggravating if you’re Johnny Kerr and have come so far with extremely limited out in San Francisco they promoted the championship flag and prepare to play the maimed Los Angeles Lakers bad news Barnes is lost with the tear Achilles tendon and Jerry West violates a finger in the first hour of the third and final game leaving Elgin Baylor to get it on himself against Barry and Thurman meanwhile in New York the next scramble against the Boston Celtics hoping to upset the protecting champs mustn gets off to a two to nothing start the Knicks are without dick Barnett Dave stalwart but throw up a clod Hawking defense that takes the third game in Madison Square Garden wayne embry comes off the bench with Bill Russell in fouled tribulation and saves the fourth competition and the Celtics drag on to clinch the ideologies.

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