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I’m healthful with you all about the moment in this video Iwill show you how a chelik for the gods a medal in one day of stands 2 imagine such a situation youcreate an account go to it and get a ban immediately after the firstly skating rink and we will discussthis in this video by the way about tanchik if you crave this kind of malachite you need to write a beautifulcomment with your own go and subscribe to the channel with a bell and chaps, satisfy excuse mefor what I didnt do in the end, they will soon appear in the telegram channelfor this there were reasons for this secretly , no one will say anything has not been able to see bro you know that thenew year is coming and in honor of this very best holiday I will arrange a huge number of contestsand in order to increase your chances of winning you only need to subscribe to my channel because Ihave a list of my customers and the sooner you agree on the path, the more fortunes you have towin in these contests and bro, do not forget about the like, because the last number of your like isfrom it seems which pierce suits you best, I warn you now there will be really toughinformation that maybe even the developers were not ready of course all this I have already thrown off thecomment administrators this bug with which you can immediately get a veteran medal and I hopeit will fasten everything there is because with the help of this glitch you are eligible to even wind up silver for yourself, of course, “youve been” immediately banned, but for some reason there is no instant wobbling for the medal, numerous observers of thisvideo will anticipate and wonder what kind of tank can you wind upgames with, or the amount of silver-tongued for which you will be banned and how you can get a medal rightaway well, in about five minutes, by the way, a chelik with a clean-living detail, well, there opened a container andfarm a little silver and got a medal in 2021, but I can’t tell you about this imperfection, because they’ll ban me, firstly , and furthermore, they’ll ban you if you make this bugand thirdly, if you play-act this imperfection with which you can get a medal that m you canget not only a medal, but too a silver and a witch, but for this you already get an instantbath account, so I is not admonish the people to get objects by any means, youthink this is all jokes, but no, the same person made a brand-new history after a while, hereit is ID consultant 12 1945 728 your report is censored for a burden the bank’s burden 1006 what is a burdenlet’s google the burden it is to abuse I will give you two examples of what it is to abuse, for example, you are a tester of stands 2, you were given a brand-new revise to assessment and said it is impossible thereit is impossible, but you decide defamation your status as a tester and do what you could notdo it is abuse it is about to change that the person is restricted for insult, but forwhat exactly what he mistreated, it would be interesting to find out, let’s go to his accountthrough the search for friends and experience what he abused there, here you go the name you seeon the screen let’s go to the stands and check so I find him 12 to 4572 8 here is his ovary hisnickname and 2000 let’s just add it so that I have it in my profile and so season 30 that they have 666 know and a veteran medallion construe him boycotted for insult of somethings you ascertain he has no tournaments represented two joins I thought that he was just boycotted, it turns out thathe got sick and the ribbon[ __] I’m shocked guys, it’s good that he was censored, but of course this person flouted therules of Stand 2 and got what he deserved, so be careful you too you can get aban guys if you know about this method do not spread about it do not tell anyone to theright or to the left so I know how to get a medal look from my barrel do not show thisbug to a ferociou one specially but that intense one or two and once on the path you will be given a rich man will feed it on himself, it was fed by my subscriber who made this fault damn the award is very beautiful and by the way, going up asubscriber of the 21 by 9 stretch is very strange extensions because of this ribbon it is huge andyou envision the crane as stretched large-hearted black stripes and it is very beautiful I like it by the way I want tosay one interesting thing this beauty medal looks like that medal in2018 my reader didnt get rid of it, I dont know why the quality is so bad, but here are all the pierces that there arestands 2 tanto butterfly m9 floral and vich god idol why are the dear scalps really there are suchcheats with which you can throw out all the walls with any weapons it is kapets to expose the guyson this make chelik decided to rest a little but for some reason he has no hands as strange as possibleI’m sinister by the way, let’s move on to the creates of stands 2 I’ll show you somethingvery important we are in the fits and you need to do something, is secure not toforget about this and after the video, be sure to do this, clink the video gives and uncheck thischeckbox, remove it and apply why because when your checkbox is here, resists orteammates who die they can intestine freeze in place and when they freeze in place, it mayseem to you that this is a living enemy from afar, you start shooting at him and your dissidents hearand simply killing yourself, so remove this checkbox and save it by the way about personal computers, so Irecently bought a laptop and there are 144 hertz it is potent fairly and stands and, in principle, it should drag straight well, I would even say at ultras, because from a detail it works for me atultras-3 00 fps and I download bluestacks like this, they invest stands and I understand that no 140 fps is needed for this I determined it up I set up my bluestacks ok I got everything 140 fps but thecutters are just terminated tin I now understand with fright why he bombed and only leftstands 2 yes because he precisely could not stand how video games lags in plus a taxi of course I want tothe developers worked on it from securing something would include some improvement beforeI didn’t even think about it since I ever played from the phone and no one there inconvenienced me who isplaying the spica in general, anyway, let him continue to be victims, but now I play, more, count on thelaptop for now, but it’s the same thing and sit down and such a hotcake, and after all, it was really hard for the speaker, all the moreimpudent sites if you have for freezing the mouse, you kill the adversary, its not for me that I wouldjust blow up a fart to the skies, so I perfectly understand sleep of terror that he left stands 2 andhes right in his own path, this is his business, I dont mind his blessing on his blink by the way, about the container, look here thisvideo that you lisa on the screen is obligatory until the end, but interesting and helpful specially there is asilver farm the best growth let’s rocket

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